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Playzee studio – 1 of 4 studios of Playmax Company – the leading game company in Asia. Playzee studio was founded in 2018. After 5 years of development, Playzee studio has more than 50 members and has achieved many proud milestones.

  • We have top ranking game at playstore.
  • We achive 50M Tags on our games.
  • Playzee Studio Is Growing Studio in Asias

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Our one of the best game Prisoner Escape Game

The gameplay revolves around a storyline. This game features a completely new story mode. A gangster love story is also included in this. The main feature of this game is.

  • 01 Bank Robbery

    In the beginning of the game, gangsters rob a bank. Run away from the situation. After that, go to the mall and rob a diamond store.

  • In the aftermath of the robbery, he was enjoying himself at home with his friend. His neighbor called the police and informed them of his location. Police arrived at the location and caught him.

  • He planned to escape from prison after being arrested. As a result, he was incarcerated and ran away from prison with his gang.


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Saul Goodman

Thrilling escape game with challenging puzzles and intense atmosphere. Keeps you on the edge of your seat! Highly recommended

Sara Wilsson

Thrilling car racing game with stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and endless excitement! A must-play for racing enthusiasts.

Jena Karlis

Modern city constructions blend innovation and functionality, shaping urban landscapes for a vibrant future.

Matt Brandon

Army Vehicles Transport: A thrilling action-packed film with intense chase scenes and explosive action. The visuals are stunning, and the cast delivers solid performances.

John Larson

Vehicles Transport provides efficient and reliable transportation services. Their fleet is diverse and well-maintained, ensuring safe and timely deliveries.


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Taxi Car Driving Game

City Construction

Prisoner Escape

Wild Animals Transport

Army Vehicles Transport

Crazy Car Transport


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